Kamal S. – July 9, 2012

I came into ZenRock having no prior experience with yoga or any real athletic ability/experience (I sit in front of a computer all day at work and did the same throughout my childhood).

The trainers at ZenRock built me up from the ground up in a gradual, nurturing and very professional manner. Yet I was shocked with how quickly I progresses and how easy it was. In the last two months I’ve already lost 15 pounds and built a lot of new muscle, so I’ve probably lost 20 pounds of fat. As a consequence, I’m lighter on my feet. I have more energy. I’m more disciplined about what I eat; I’ve become more flexible and far more balanced. My lung capacity has increased and so I can now breathe in more deeply. I also get better sleep at night and no longer wake up with those knots on my back like I used to (which saves me a lot of money from no longer needing to go to the massage therapist).

If you’re looking for excellence when it comes to personal training and health coaching, ZenRock is the place to go. The service will be tailored to your particular needs and skill level.