Erin M. – May 15, 2014

I’ve been going to ZenRock now for just over four months and I’m very pleased.  The studio is clean, organized and very inviting.  All of the trainers there are very nice and easy going; Heidi is my trainer and great enjoy working out with her.  This is the perfect place for anyone that needs that extra push and to have someone make them feel accountable.  I had a gym membership but would always have an excuse not to go (work, friends, family, etc.).  Now that I have a set schedule and someone keeping an eye on my fitness goals, I am actually staying committed to my health change and feel great.  I have changed my habits and overall heath tremendously since starting with ZenRock and I’m so glad I called them and gave it a shot.  I’m so happy with them that I have even gotten my husband to join me and train with me.